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Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 1

27th February 2021 - 28th February 2021

Specialist online

Introduction to Focusing- oriented therapy course Level 1 is designed to introduce therapists to focusing for both their professional and personal development. In this course we explore  1) Focusing as a natural process, 2)how clients use therapy, 3) the relationship between experiencing levels and therapeutic outcomes, 4)spotting and facilitating deeper  experiencing levels through deepening conversations including  reflective listening and deepening propositions, 5)introduction to  guided focusing for personal growth and development. Also includes how to offer FOT in a way that keeps clients safe. You will receive a comprehensive set of notes which will include a list of further resources including books web sites and access to further FOT articles. You will also receive a 12 Hour CPD certificate for all those who complete the course.

On completion of the course will be able to enter into Peer Focusing partnerships. These partnerships could be with other people on the course, or through the British Focusing Association The course is being discounted at £110 for 2 days /12 CPD hours of training. Please contact me on . Tel. 020 8330 7341.

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