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Introduction to Relational Wholebody Focusing

6th June 2020 - 7th June 2020 Bristol, South West


Relational Whole Body Focusing (RWBF)  uses the intelligence of the mind to track and name moment to moment bodily sensations, in relationship with another person. This connects you to the ‘We Space’ and a shared human experience. Creating the ‘We Space’ as a safe and spacious container is key to learning RWBF. It helps you to recognise your own relational patterns and triggers, and it brings you an expanded sense of self, greater awareness, more choice and healing.

Relational Whole body Focusing was developed by Karen Whalen and Kevin McEvenue.

This two-day workshop will provide an introduction to Relational Whole Body Focusing and you will learn tools that can be applied right away. No prior experience of Focusing or Relational Whole Body Focusing is needed.   This workshop can be of interest to people who have no experience of focusing and to experienced focusers alike because RWBF is a different(but related) process .

Relational Wholebody Focusing can help you:

  • Improve your listening skills
  • Deepen your relationships in everyday life (and in your focusing partnerships, if you are already a focuser)
  • Learn to better manage trigger reactions to unexpected and undesired situations
  • Increase your sense of wholeness as a person and in your life


Early booking date February 29th 2020:  Fee £99.00

Regular Booking fee £120.00


Venue Address

Bristol Natural Health Service, 407 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8TS

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About Ruth

Ruth is a Certified Relational Wholebody Focusing Trainer with The Focusing Institute of New York. She works as a coach, and well-being counsellor. She has been running personal development workshops for over twenty years.  She is also bringing her work into companies, giving workshops on topics including: managing emotions, tackling procrastination, stress management and burnout.

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Watch a short video of a Relational Wholebody Focusing session:

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‘The training helped me realise how little I was in touch with my body before and how important it is. I had ignored all signs that my body was giving me even to the point of reaching burnout. Ruth clearly explained and supported me in the exploration to become more present and to help dealing with difficult emotions. I am glad I had the chance to participate in the training.’  Michaela, coach and trainer


‘Ruth Friedman’s work has assisted enormously in helping me feel more safe and confident in the world.  I am now much more capable of handling situations without becoming overwhelmed. She is a caring and compassionate healer and I highly recommend working with her’    Wendalyn, composer and writer


Thank you for this workshop today which provided the possibility for me to see myself from another angle and to experience something that I have not experienced before. Thank you for your flexibility, trust and patience ….. I appreciate it a lot’  Annamaria, Civil Servant


‘The process felt very, very complete. This gave stability and grounding the days after which really contributed to my well-being. The last few weeks haven’t been very easy: there was a lot of pressure and stress I was dealing with and that needed to settle down. This work and especially the sense of being able to welcome all the aspects of my being contributed to this.    Joris, Integration Officer

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