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Level 1: The Essence of Focusing

Liverton, Devon, UK

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

This is an in-person non-residential weekend course in beautiful Dartmoor. You can stay at local B&Bs. The course runs from 10am – 5pm, both days.

This is an experiential course in a small group setting. Learn how to listen to your inner wisdom and your felt sense.  Develop a kind and friendly attitude towards yourself. Develop the knowledge and skills you need to practise Focusing, and to begin to listen to an other, so that you can practice Focusing in pairs. This gives you the optimum experience of Focusing.  By the end of Level 1, you will have a basic understanding of the Focusing process.

Pre-requisite: An individual guided Focusing session.

The Focusing Skills Course comprises of 5 Levels, or modules, with a month’s break in between each Level for you to practice and to integrate what you have learned.

The course is based on experiential learning. In each class, you will learn a specific aspect of Focusing and Listening, see a demonstration or do an exercise; and then practice what you are learning in pairs or the whole group. After the session we come back together as a group, hear how it went, any feedback and learning to share and further discussions.

Cost: £150 for each Level. £125 early bird price if you pay at least a month before the course starts.

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