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FINAL CALL Love Actually! Surviving and thriving in Intimate relationships (2 hr Playshop)

7th September 2023 Zoom Online

Specialist Workshop/Event

A playful and communal exploration of closeness and distance in intimate relationships (include friendships) and what we can learn together through focusing, to enhance them.

2 Hour playshop on Zoom

Exploring our personal experience, such things as:

  • Closer and distance patterns
  • Breaking up & making up
  • Deepening, enhancing and destructive patterns
  • Companioning hurt and anger
  • Rejoicing in the connection
  • and more!

This session will include

  • Community depth connection and small breakout groups
  • Guided short attunements
  • Silent pauses for reflective presence
  • Lightness, fun and playfulness
  • Poetry, inspirational quotes, short video and audios
  • Interactive explorations
  • Depth, learning and reflection

Sessions are audio recorded for your personal use to refresh yourself of the content.

Who for? For those with a well established or little practice. Even if you have no experience this might be a fun way to begin to sense into the practice gently.

Commence Thursday 7  Sept 7 pm – 9 pm BST on Zoom

Cost Ticket £25 /Concession £20



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Your Guide and Companion Simon ‘K2’ McKibbin

Simon, also known as K2, is an experienced guide and coach, and a Buddhist practitioner of 30 years. He teaches and is affiliated with the University of Cambridge, the Mindfulness in Schools Project, Breathworks (Mindfulness and Pain Management), the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, and the British Focusing Association.

My approach is very embodied, given my extensive experience in mindfulness, working from a basis of ‘Unshakeable presence’ leading to a more integrated, sensitive and available context for relationship with the felt-sense, the holy grail of Focusing.

“Every part within us has it’s own healing mechanism and knows it’s own rightness,” (Gene Gendlin) We just need to know how to hold and be available to these parts in a safe and supportive way, and, as if by magic, the fresh edge will flow into it’s newness – it is the essential connection to build both inner and outer community.



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