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Managing Physical Pain with Focusing _ session

7th March 2024 Zoom

Introductory Workshop/Event

This is a Focusing session dedicated to the theme of:
Managing Physical pain or symptoms through the lens of Focusing

” Through Focusing you can access what your body knows” Eugene Gendlin.

Through personal experience I have worked on both chronic pain, acute pain, discomfort in my body with my Focusing practice. I have integrated Focusing into my Shiatsu practice for over 20 years. This revealed the ‘Felt Sense’ of underlying problems.

This is now scheduled as a 2 hour online session. 

Thursday 07 March 2024
at 18:30-20:30

Use this link to book 08 March 2024

Fee: £19        Payment can be made by BACS to P Charnley 30766699 60-83-71

No prior Focusing Training required to join.

Please contact Paula if you have any questions before booking

Booking link (offsite)

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