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Online Focusing Practitioner Training

8th September 2020 Skype Worldwide

Specialist Online

Do you love Focusing, and want to share this valuable resource with others?
Starting September. A new online professional training for people who have done the basic course.
This is for you if you have learnt the basics of Focusing and you know how much it has given you already, and what it means to you in your life. This is an opportunity for you to take it further, deepen your understanding, and be able to offer Focusing sessions to others. It will be of interest to you if you already work with others, especially in a professional capacity.
Tuesday afternoons, 3, 10, 17 and 24 September gets you started. And there is more to follow.
During the programme, you get support from a small group of fellow trainees as well as individual mentoring from two dedicated Mentors. There are three training modules, spread throughout the year, specialist advanced trainings, and you assist on the basic course as an advanced student. There is home study and written work, as well as individual Focusing sessions with your Mentors.

Beyond what has already been described above, here is a list of learning outcomes:

  • Listening/reflecting skills.
  • Guiding skills.
  • Relationship with clients.
  • Ethics.
  • General knowledge/understanding of Focusing.
  • Exploration of the use of Focusing in an area of personal interest (e.g. counselling, creativity).
  • Self-employment skills.

See my web site, and contact me directly for more information, and to apply for the training programme.

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