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Focusing Practitioner Training

2nd May 2024 - 31st July 2025

Professional Training

The British Focusing Association (BFA) Practitioner Training Programme enables you to work professionally with Focusing. You will learn how to integrate Focusing into your exising professional field, and you will also be able to offer individual Focusing sessions to the public for a fee.

The training includes three training modules and advanced trainings, and you also get to assist on Levels 1  and 2 as an advanced student. There is supported home study and written work, as well as individual Focusing sessions with your Mentors. The whole training will probably take you about a year to eighteen months.

A key component of the course is to support your growth as a person as well as a Practitioner of Focusing. BFA is committed to allowing only fully qualified people to become Focusing Practitioners. Skills and experience are the key requisites for people to become Focusing Practitioners.

Prerequisites: The Focusing Skills Certificate course, or equivalent 60 hours training, plus your ongoing Focusing Partnership practice.

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