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Online Focusing Skills Foundation Course

13th March 2023 - 4th December 2023

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

This is a 60 hour foundation course in focusing in peer partnerships and on your own. It is a class for people who want to learn to focus and listen. 

Focusing is coming into relationship with your own inner experience. It is a life skill that can be used in any situation whether you are alone or with others. It is a way in which we can learn to be our own best listener, and a deep listener to others. It is a natural thing we can learn and cultivate. 

Some of us lead very busy lives and don’t find the time or energy be with what is really going on inside, others get overwhelmed with many feelings. The art of Focusing allows us to sit in the present and wait for something to come into focus, we then have the space to let it be. In this way we are inviting more clarity, awareness, inner wisdom, innate knowing and trust. 

In this 9 month course we will dive deeply through 5 modules into what focusing is and how to do it in a way that feels right for us. Since it is such an experiential skill the length of the class will allow you to deepen your practice and hone your ability. We will travel together as a group into our inner worlds to discover the wonder of focusing. 

This is an online course Monday evenings from 18:00-20:00pm. To receive the skill certificate you must complete the entire course. 

I am a certified focusing practitioner and a teacher in training. This will be my pilot course. 

Price £75-£150 per module. 

60 Hour BFA Certified

  • Module 1.   March 13- April  17
  • Module 2.   April 24 -June 5      No class May 1st
  • Module 3   June 26 – July 31
  • Module 4   Sept 4-  October 9.  
  • Module 5   October 16 –  December 4      No class November 20, 27 

Join us!!!

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