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Online Practitioner Training

1st March 2024 In the comfort of your own home

Professional Training Workshop/Event

You are most welcome to contact me to discuss the training

Paula Newman Tel: 07941 958034


Deepening your Focusing and developing a professional practice

The training programme encourages you to be self-directive in your learning. You are invited to explore Focusing areas that you feel drawn to and you will be supported in developing your own style as a Focusing practitioner.

Before starting the training, you will need to have completed the BFA Skills Certificate. During a free consultation we will meet online and sense together your readiness for the training. Completing the Focusing Practitioner Programme is at your own pace and usually takes a year to 18 months. Certification is awarded following an assessment session.

Throughout the training, regular Focusing and Companioning practice is an essential part of your learning. Focusing with the same partner might feel more personally supportive, whilst practice with a variety of partners can teach you a great deal about Focusing process.

Completing the Programme Qualifies you to:

Introduce a new person to Focusing

Offer individuals guided Focusing for payment

Teach Focusing one-to-one

Bring Focusing into professional work, such as counselling and coaching

About the training

There are nine training days, divided into three modules:

Module 1 Experiencing and describing Focusing

Module 2 Introducing new people to Focusing and guiding

Module 3 Teaching Focusing and professional applications

After each module I will lead the group in a peer consultative support meeting. This involves sensing into how your Focusing activities are going and noticing any areas that need extra attention. Meetings will be 90 minutes, at mutually agreed times.


Downloadable pages are designed to accompany your learning. They include plenty of spaces for personal notes and can be kept as a record of your work. You will also find group and individual exercises, suggestions to further your development and power points.

Areas covered on the training programme include:

Developing a solid base for guiding and teaching by exploring your relationship with Focusing and its place in your personal and professional life, plus expanding your knowledge and your experiences of Focusing.

Wholebody Focusing, spirituality, Focusing and nature, Focusing and Companioning, Focusing, through writing, dipping in and out of Focusing and Focusing with decisions.

Describing the benefits of Focusing and online networking.

Introducing a new person to Focusing, teaching and guiding one-to-one and bringing Focusing into professional work, such as counselling and coaching. Working with guiding and teaching challenges.

Practice – Introducing people to Focusing

So that you can develop your skills and feel confident in your practice there is a requirement during Modules 2 and 3 to introduce at least ten people to Focusing and to continue for two more sessions with as many people as possible. I will ask you to record some of the sessions and to complete a training log which we will study as part of your training.


As part of the training there are two assignments. I hope that they will be of benefit to you personally and professionally and that you will enjoy them.

Journal to be completed by the end of Module 1. The purpose is to reflect upon your learning and your process as you go along. You are welcome to use words and illustrations and to go about this in any way that you choose, as long as your journal is in a form that you can send to me. If there are recordings, please make sure that the sound is clear.

Project – you can start your project at any point during the training. It needs to be completed and sent to me in order to qualify. The project written up will be 3,000 to 5,000 words. You are welcome to include graphics, poems and artwork. It can be on any Focusing related area that is of interest to you.

Take some time to sense inwards, see what interests and excites you. Your project gives you scope to gain new insights and understandings.

Additional learning

Attending Focusing workshops, reading relevant books and articles and watching talks about Focusing on YouTube are ways to support and further your learning and development. I recommend attending at least two Focusing workshops, courses or events. You might like to repeat some or all of the Focusing Skills course.

There is information about training and workshops on the BFA website. See what feels relevant and appealing to you.


My role as your Primary Mentor is to accompany and support you in your learning and development as a Focusing Practitioner. During individual meetings we work together in a collaborative way. Sessions can include Focusing, discussion, aspects of your training, exploring challenges and sensing into next steps.

Your Supporting Mentor offers further support and may be able to provide extra input in a Focusing area that is of interest to you. Supporting Mentors can be either a BFA recognised Focusing Teacher or a Focusing Institute certified Focusing Trainer.

The requirement is to have regular individual sessions with your Primary Mentor (twelve are included in the price – should you continue for longer than a year, more will be required) and at least three sessions with your Supporting Mentor.


Initial consultation Free of charge
Twelve mentoring sessions (1 hour each)  £50 per hour                                £600
Ending assessment session (1 hour)  £50                                                   £50
Nine training sessions £70 each                                        £630
Three peer consultative support meetings £25 each                                          £75
Admin, reading course work etc                                                          £165
Supporting mentors charge their own rate Total                                            £1,520


A non-refundable deposit of £150 is required upon registration. The remaining fee can be paid monthly, quarterly or as a lump sum. If you leave the training before completion, you will only be charged for elements that you have attended and the deposit.







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