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Practice in Presence for Coaches and Helping Professionals: An Introduction to Focusing and other Embodiment Practices

24th September 2024 - 26th November 2024 Online

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Discovering a taste of these embodied practices can help increase your presence. with clients. You’ll learn to explore your own aliveness and body’s wisdom in a new way. You will also gain an understanding of the scientific evidence supporting the use of these tools. All sessions are experiential and interactive. Practice with fellow students between taught sessions will help to integrate learning.

This introductory course is intended for coaches and other helping professionals.

It can support you to:

  • Deepen your client work through your own embodiment.
  • Bring greater presence and aliveness to your client work.
  • Become better able to process any emotional responses to difficult clients .
  • Support you to regulate your own and your client’s nervous system.
  • Feel more resourced in general and in your work with clients.

This program will provide an introductory training in the Felt Sense, Focusing, and Circling. It will also include nervous system regulation drawing on polyvagal toning .

➤Focusing helps you to gain skills at accessing and following the felt sense.
➤Circling provides a safe structure to communicate your observations .
➤Polyvagal Toning provides concrete exercises to support nervous system regulation

These approaches help to connect with a deeper level of awareness than is usually possible through coaching.

All these approaches connect in some way to the felt sense. That often-fuzzy feeling which is hard to describe because everyone has their own unique way of experiencing it! It is usually some combination of emotions, physical sensations, new awareness, and intuition. Often it holds information or wants to communicate something of importance. As such, having access to it in coaching is invaluable.

Accessing the felt sense can help gain more insight into a wide range of issues.

Some examples include:

  • Make better use of their time and better priority setting
  • Bringing needed distance in challenging relationships.
  • Supports decision-making by deep listening.
  • And many other situations that (you and) your clients may need support with.

The course is aimed at coaches and other helping professionals who wish to deepen their own self- awareness, presence and listening skills in service of their clients.

This program will extend and deepen skills discovered in the Webinar Series presented through the Association for Coaching. It is also suitable for complete beginners.

The series consists of 10 x 2 hour zoom calls. Between each call you will be able to practice your new skills with a fellow student.

Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction, Setting the Frame, Resetting before Starting.

Session 2: Polyvagal Toning and Grounded Presence

Session 3: An Introduction to the Felt Sense

Session 4: What is Focusing . Focusing Partner Exercises

Session 5: Listening as Focuser

Session 6: Going Further with Focusing: Parts work

Session 7: Introduction to Circling

Session 8: Deepening Circling Practices

Session 9: Applications for Coaches and other Helping Professionals 1

Session 10: Applications for Coaches and other as Helping Professionals 2

At the end of the successful completion of the course participants will gain 30 hours CPD from the Association for Coaching (pending) as well as a Level 2 Certificate in Focusing

There will be a maximum of 12 participants


Super Early Bird (Before July 31st)   (£200 + VAT)

Early Bird (Before Sept 1st) £250  +VAT)

Regular Fee   £360  +VAT

If you wish to attend but are in financial difficulty please contact me as some sponsorship spaces may be avaialable

For Further information  Please contact me at

Ruth Friedman
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