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Presence Oasis Community Gathering

12th October 2022 - 7th December 2022 Zoom Online

Specialist Workshop/Event

A series of 1 hour weekly gatherings.

Hang out, bathe, restore and revitalise in the warm glow of community Presence!

A sense of safe and supportive community is essential for our wellbeing, as well as a core human need, especially relevant now given anxiety and concerns around global conflict, environmental, social and financial challenges we are all facing.

Presence Oasis 

Human Kindness and Safety in Community Togetherness


      Weekly 1 hr meetups on Zoom Wednesdays 12 – 1pm 

      Every Wednesday 12 – 1pm GMT     (last session 7 Dec 2022)


      All Welcome


Drink deeply from this Oasis of Presence.

Bathe, restore, rest and share heart-felt concerns and inspirations in a safe, open, non-judgemental, and mutually supportive space where quality of connection is primary.

The emphasis will be on presence in togetherness with deep empathic listening.

  • Following the fresh edge of group and individual energy
  • Pauses with silence and space
  • Guided short ‘coming home’ relaxations
  • Communicating from the heart
  • Inspired bite-sized skills input on presence
  • Breakout groups – 1:1 empathy
  • A space to be authentically you – all aspects of you welcome!
  • Playful, safe and respectful

Cost £7.50 / Conc £6.00

The space is held and facilitated by Simon ‘K2’ McKibbin, an experienced Focuser, Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) teacher.

Enjoy watching this Exquisite PRESENCE video with beautiful cinematography 

Booking link (offsite)

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