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Radical acceptance How every part of you is worthy of love

21st September 2023 Online through zoom

Introductory Workshop/Event

Four week online course
Begins 21st September 10.30-12.30
Open to all


It’s so easy to think that by pushing away the feelings we don’t like we make ourselves feel better. Or that if we dismiss or ignore aspects of ourselves, they will go away. But it doesn’t work!

How would it be if you didn’t fight yourself the whole time? Or judge or shame or criticise boss yourself around? How would it be to radically accept every part of you with compassion and kindness and curiosity?

This four week, online course, will explore on the transformative truth of radical acceptance. This truth being that it’s only when we radically accept all aspects of ourselves with curiosity, that change can really happen, the truth that every part of can be welcomed and even has treasure – even what we usually label ugly or egotistical. Through guided explorations , discussion and reflection we will explore:

  • Why everything inside needs acceptance
  • How to approach parts we don’t like
  • The paradox of how change happens
  • Practical tools to foster radical acceptance

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