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Soul Expression: Symbols from the body with Colette Cameron

25th November 2023 Bridge Farm, Bristol, Bristol

Specialist Workshop/Event

How does our soul speak to us?

For many of us, one of the natural languages of the body and soul are symbols. They come in Focusing, in dreams and are the heart of so many films, stories, paintings and books. They hold both a way of our deep wisdom showing us how our life is and also showing us ways forward with our life. They can be rich and powerful messengers from the soul.

Our day workshop will take us on a journey to contact and make images and symbols from these deeper sources. We will clear a space from judgment and inner criticism to safely invite and express  – using art materials. skills from Focusing and curious/playful explorations.

No “artistic” experience is necessary  – only a human body and the curiosity to see what happens.

Open to anyone

  • How to access and listen to deeper message about our life
  • How to give expression to these messages in accessible and approachable ways
  • How to not get caught in inner criticism with creative process

Facilitated by Colette Cameron and Peter Gill

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