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The dreaming body: Focusing and dreams

25th January 2024

Specialist Workshop/Event

What can dreams tell us about our life?
How can Focusing help with understanding them?
Might there be a way to explore them in a new way that brings clarity and change in our lives?
Focusing is all about listening to what the body has to say about our life, but every night something similar happens with our dreams. Something in us (the body/the dream maker) gives us rich, mysterious and powerful symbols, telling us not just about our life situation but how we might carry those situations forward.

  • Gendlin’s dream questions
  • Working with Story, place and character
  • Meeting difficult dreams
  • Finding new life and growth from dreams

We will be basing much of what we do on Eugene Gendlin’s book ‘Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams’. As usual there there will be plenty of time for Focusing practice and exploring issues and themes. Open to anyone with at least two days Focusing experience

Each week we have teaching input, practice time in pairs and demonstrations.

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