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The landscapes of grief

20th October 2020, Skype Worldwide

Specialist Online

For many of us grief is something we turn away from yet so often, when we pay kind attention to the body… it remembers, or it asks us to remember. It holds both the knowing about what was lost and the key to its healing. Our task is to open a space and listen. This five week course, for those who know Focusing, will open a space to explore these landscapes. It will offer us a sacred space to deeply listen to ourselves and each other in this transformative landscape.

Some of the themes we will explore:

  • The gatekeepers of grief – what keeps us away
  • The five gates of grief (from Francis Weller)
  • What the body knows about loss and healing
  • Tending grief in community

This course is not just about the grief of losing a loved one. We live with many kinds of grief and all are welcome here.

Open to anyone who has knows the basics of Focusing and Listening in paired practice.


Six Tuesday evenings 7-9.15

Costs £120

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