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The Path of the Sensing Being Retreat

12th May 2023 - 14th May 2023 Manantial de Tara, Tenerife, Arafo

Introductory Workshop/Event

Conscious Communication and Focusing Retreat
Tenerife – From 12th to 14th of May 2023
Manantial de Tara Association – Ecological Farm & Personal Development Center Tenerife
The path of the sentient being combines the Focusing process and Contemplative Presence Practice as well as Compassionate Communication and enquiry, this retreat invites a way of living from embodied Presence, returning to and remembering our true nature.
This retreat is open to all levels of Focusing and Nonviolent communication practice. It can be exciting if you are considering advancing in deepening your experience of inner accompaniment while in a relationship with others.
Focusing shows us a radical and authentic way of listening to our body with gentle and generous compassion, without looking for results or solutions. This path also pursues what we cannot express in words. It helps people find their own natural way of having a healthy and meaningful inner relationship to find a deeper sense of who they really are when they meet others and the environments in which they live.
It is becoming more and more important in our lives to access what is within our own inner knowledge and wisdom so that we can find paths together as we face life as it is.
During this retreat, we will go into the initiation to Focusing and Nonviolent Communication.
An opportunity to recover and remember how to listen to our body to connect with the deep wisdom it contains and dialogue with it.
We will create a space for sacred listening, displaying the necessary attitudes to find a more profound way of relating to ourselves and to others.
This is an opportunity to gently be with yourself and others in a safe space while exploring and recovering this implicit skill we all possess.


  • Focusing
  • Compassionate enquiry in relationship
  • Inner silence & Being able to listen to the whole body
  • Focusing Steps – gently sensing them coming with our experience
  • Radical and sacred Listening
  • Pausing and the Felt Sense
  • Sacred presencing – Healing space in companioning
The training and retreat will be facilitated by Marta Fabregat, Focusing Coordinator, Practitioner and Teacher – International Focusing Institute of New York and the British Focusing Association. Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer with CNVC. Marta’s interest in body awareness in the relationship with oneself, the community, and nature has been the core of her path for more than 20 years.
Food and accommodation:
The retreat will take place at the Manantial de Tara association in Tenerife
It is a perfect place for a quiet rest. The farm where this beautiful retreat centre is located is on the island of Tenerife, in the municipality of Arafo, in an environment of high natural and landscape value, in the sea and in the mountains.
The Place:
The vegetarian menu for lunch is buffet style and is made up of:
Starter (Soup or cream of vegetables), main course (cereal, vegetable protein, vegetables), a side dish of seasonal vegetables and/or salad, and dessert. Includes water (vitalized) and bread.
Visiting Tenerife during the retreat:
I will be happy to help you extend your stay in the Canary Islands and visit some of the beautiful places and natural gems in the area.
How to get there:
There are many airlines that fly to the islands from all over Europe, especially to the south, Aerlingus, Ryanair, Iberia, Vueling among others. Please ask for support if you need it.
All rooms are shared with one or two people.
Shared room €290
If you require a single room, we have access to nearby houses in the area with single rooms. This would be an additional price to the established one depending on the price of the rooms.
The rate includes retreat, accommodation, and three meals per day, as well as tea and coffee service.
For reservations and more information:
Tel: +353 872031764

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