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TIFI Certified Trainer training to groups

28th May 2024 - 8th April 2025 Zoom

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

UNIQUE international training opportunity! Harriet Teeuw and Rene Veugelers will start the certified TIFI Focus Trainer training online on Tuesday, May 28 at 7 pm (CEST). 10 monthly meetings until March 2025. (In working with children or/and adults); Would you also like to use your focus experience ‘colorfully’ in the world and support & inspire others? Are you also looking for a ‘refreshing, lively’ deepening of your Focusing qualities? Do you want to increase your ‘creativity and flexibility’ to create a tailor-made Focus training? Invite yourself to this opportunity

Way of working:  All the key elements are attuned on your own process, “you never can go faster than the slowest process”. We will always be working from the Focusing attitude. Everybody will follow his own process and development, so some of you are experts; some of you are just beginners. We can learn and discover from each others strength and experience.  4 key elements are important
1. Concrete experience (doing/ having an experience)
2. Reflective observation, (reviewing/ reflecting on the experience)
3. Active experimentation (planning, trying out what you have learned)
4. Abstract conceptualization (concluding, learning from the experience)

Total of 10 online 2.5 hour group zoom-sessions (10 min break mid session) 2 individual focusing supervision sessions with one of the trainers. The course will comprise of teaching session, demonstrations, paired and solo practice We will explore and study your 3 recorded Focusing sessions with clients (children and adults). And 5 case sudy’s  and study and discuss articles about Focusing.

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