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Transforming Compulsions: Four week online course

29th June 2023 Online

Introductory Workshop/Event

Maybe you can’t stop binge watching?
Or maybe it’s tough to not go to the food cupboard over and over?
And there’s always our smart phone to give us a quick fix.

If so then maybe this course is for you! Open to anyone.

All of have compulsions and whatever they are, we usually sense them as both needed and yet limiting. This is tough territory… it’s harder still to be in a war with ourselves about it, judging and labelling ourselves – which usually makes matters worse! How would it be to take some gentle light into this whole territory.. and begin to free ourselves from our limiting habits?

This four week course will map out the landscape of compulsion, so we can find fresh air, deeper self compassion and even transformation in these stuck patterns. Our themes for the course:

  • Meeting the parts that “want”
  • Meeting critical and shaming parts
  • Being with the origin: aka “stopped process”
  • “Changing the cage”
  • The power of small steps
  • Deepening self compassion

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