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FREE Zoom Open Space re Vax, Anti Vax and Pro-Choice meeting Isolation & Division in community through the Felt-sense

2nd December 2021 Zoom Online

Specialist Workshop/Event

‘…I am just here, with my eyes, and there is this other being. If they happen to look into my eyes, they will see that I am just a shaky being. I have to tolerate that. They may not look. But if they do, they will see that. They will see the slightly shy, slightly withdrawing, insecure existence that I am.’  Gene Gendlin

I am excited to share this precious vision of Focusing with you whilst meeting deeper needs based in a real life situation.

The topic of vaccination seems to be a hot potatoe indeed, and a situation we are all facing effecting  our closer community of friends, partners, relatives, colleagues and the broader global community.

What lands in you as you reflect on your current situation regarding vaccination?

How are you responding to the choices of others, especially those closer to you?

How would it be to have more ease and choice in how you are inside your own skin and with the choices of others?

This workship offers a place of respect, trust and safety where we can share and listen to others whilst developing some essential Focusing skills to facilitate our humanity to invite harmony, respect and goodwill.

Focusing offers a unique approach to meeting the variety of energies that might come up; vulnerability, threat, anger, rage, fear and isolation to name but a few.  Focusing will assist in inviting some kind of home and space within us that gives us breathing room and the possibility of a deeper resolution within, whilst enabling us to be with others in a way that is compassionate making more likely a sustanable quality of meaningful connection.

Start 7pm – 9pm GMT  Thursday 2 Dec 2021

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In gratitude, Simon.

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