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Welcoming grief together: Free webinar

9th February 2021

Introductory Online

Our grief was never meant to be carried alone. Before these modern death and grief phobic times, humans shared their grief in ceremony and community.
It seems to me that our loss of ways to express and receive grief in community and therefore our inability to welcome it inside of us is wreaking havoc. We stay numb and disconnected from a world that is literally unravelling in front of us. Grief is an essential act of honouring what is important to us.

How can we learn a new way to be with and welcome grief in a new (and yet old) way and how can the gifts of Focusing support us in this?

On this free webinar, we will explore these topics and more:

  • What our grief needs to flow and move through us
  • The many kinds of grief we are carrying in these times
  • How we might welcome grief together
  • How focusing could support us in the process

Tuesday 9th February 10-11am

Open to anyone

Booking link (offsite)

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