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“Who dies”? a focusing journey exploring the mystery of our death

6th December 2020 Zoom

Specialist Online

When we look at the natural world with open eyes we see the full cycle of death and life. We see how a forest depends on death for its life. Our own lives are dependant on this cycle. All life ends in death, every being that lives will disappear. Yet, how come so many of struggle so much with this essential truth?
Beneath the usual thoughts and reactions to the reality of our own death, what might our deeper wisdom have to say about it? What does our body know about it? How might our reactions be shaped by the broader culture of “death denial”? and might we bring a fresh knowing to the whole thing?
This day long online retreat will be an experiential immersion into these questions: Using silence, poetry, reflective writing, time on your own, Focusing practice in pairs and in a Focusing group process.
Costs £50/35/15

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