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LEVEL 1 Creativity & Healing Focusing Skills Course

13th April 2021 - 18th May 2021 Zoom Online

Introductory Online

In focusing we are often pleasantly surprised by fresh or new spaces emerging, even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places. It is a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself. It is, in my experience a deeply satisfying process allowing my heart and soul space to breathe and be itself, to find its own sense of rightness.

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Brief overview of Benefits

Enjoy a safe, fun and communal way to explore and develop;

Develop a grounded and balanced sense of yourself

Express yourself creatively and freshly through body speech and mind

Begin and support the process of authentic, genuine and deep healing

Compassionately respond to your inner judge / critic

Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process

Develop empathic and sensitive listening

Enjoy an enriched sense of sharing and communing with others

Learn to sense and befriend your body in a new & empowered way Live life from the unfolding fresh moment

Find out more how this course can bring a radical shift in your sense of wellbeing, even from difficult places in you.

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