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LAST CALL Level 2: Embodied Relational Healing and Intuition (Focusing Skills Course)

8th November 2023 - 13th December 2023 Zoom Online

Focusing Skills Certificate Workshop/Event

Starting 8 November

A unique hallmark on every level of this course is the emphasis and increasing emergence of unshakeable ‘Embodied Relational Presence.’  Vivid embodied sensing brings us into a grounded sense of safety and is the matrix for a deep transformation allowing for a natural intuition to arise based on an exquisite sensitivity from the felt-sense.

Details of Level 2 ​(Felt-sense Relationship for Flow)  and corresponding levels 3 – 5 ; you can choose to do as many levels as you wish

Focusing is a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself, in that deeper and natural sense of being easy inside your own skin.

It is exquisitely delightful to sense fresh or new spaces emerging even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places in us. It offers a new lease of life.

Brief overview of Benefits

  • Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process
  • Develop a grounded and balanced sense of yourself
  • Express yourself creatively and freshly
  • Authentic, genuine and deep healing
  • Compassionately respond to your inner critic
  • Develop empathic and sensitive listening
  • Enjoy an enriched sense of sharing and communing with others
  • Learn to sense and befriend your body in a new & empowered way Live life from the unfolding fresh moment
  • Find out more how this course can bring a radical shift in your sense of wellbeing, even from difficult places in you.

ALL following SESSIONS on ALL LEVELS will provide: 

         Free recordings of the session and of the guided attunements after each session

         Focusing activities between course sessions with community members


Embodied Relational Healing and Intuition Focusing Skills Course 

LEVEL 2: Felt-sense Relationship for Flow   

DATES: Nov 8, 15, 22, 29. Dec 6. 13 2023

​• The magic of the felt sense

• Creating inner Space for Relationship

• Ways of beginning a Focusing session

• Clearing a space

• Becoming a true companion


LEVEL 3:The magic of Embodied Relational Presence 

DATES:  Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. Feb 7. 2024

​• The gifts of the body in Focusing and Companioning

• Embodied aliveness as a gateway to the Bigger Space

• Fresh forward movement through ‘Allowing’

• Gestures, postures & movement and the ‘felt-sense’

• The Body and resonance with Nature


LEVEL 4: Intuitive and Creative Living

DATES:  Feb 21, 28, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27. 2024

​• Self-guiding skills and Phrases

• Play and lightness in Focusing

• What is ‘Intuition’?

• Creativity and space of open possibility

• The value of ‘not knowing’ creative and intuitive living

LEVEL 5: Healing and Abundance 

DATES:  Apr 10, 17, 24. May 1, 8, 15.  2024

​• Focusing and exploring the meaning of healing

• What limits us and our potential

• What does freedom mean?

• Levels of healing, physical, emotional and spiritual

• Poetry and inspirational quotes to support wellbeing

• Resting in the Limitless

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