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Healing and Creativity Focusing Skills Level 1- 5

1st December 2021 - 27th July 2022 Zoom Online

Focusing Skills Certificate Online

Magic exists.

Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars?

​(Nora Roberts).

Focusing is a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself, in that deeper and natural sense of being easy inside your own skin.

It is exquisitely delightful to sense fresh or new spaces emerging even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places in us. It offers a new lease of life.

Brief overview of Benefits

  • Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process
  • Develop a grounded and balanced sense of yourself
  • Express yourself creatively and freshly
  • Authentic, genuine and deep healing
  • Compassionately respond to your inner critic
  • Develop empathic and sensitive listening
  • Enjoy an enriched sense of sharing and communing with others
  • Learn to sense and befriend your body in a new & empowered way Live life from the unfolding fresh moment
  • Find out more how this course can bring a radical shift in your sense of wellbeing, even from difficult places in you.

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