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28th May 2020

The ‘Ladybird Guides’ to Gene Gendlin’s books Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning and A Process Model.

Campbell Purton

Centre for Counselling Studies, University of East Anglia

These were written for the second, third and fourth years of the course ‘Focusing and the Power of Philosophy’ which I taught with Rob Foxcroft and Barbara McGavin on the Isle of Cumbrae in 2002-2004.  The ‘Ladybird’ title is taken from a series of  short books that was popular in the UK in the 1970’s –  each gave a brief, but accurate and informed summary of  knowledge in a particular field. 

I have left them as they were for the Cumbrae course; a modified version of the material on A Process Model  can be found in ‘A brief guide to A Process Model’ in The Folio: A Journal for Focusing and Experiential Therapy. Vol 19, No. 12 (2000-2004), pp. 112-120.  Gene Gendlin read this through and suggested some changes, which I incorporated…..

Find the remainder on the PDF.

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