Partners and groups

Focusing partners and groups
For most people, having a Focusing partnership is a supportive and nourishing way of connecting to oneself and others. The continuity of a partnership offers a safe space to explore and deepen Focusing. As well as this, many people find community and a place to practice within a Focusing group (or "Changes" group as they were called originally) Find out more below.

Ready to find a Focusing partner?

More about partnerships
You can practice together in person, on video conferencing platforms or over the phone. Take equal time each for Focusing while the other person listens. Most courses offered by our teachers will give you the basic skills to form a partnership or you could learn through one to one sessions with a practitioner.

Read our guide to partnerships

Many people find a partner through a workshop or find a friend to partner with and you can find someone though the BFA partnership area

Other ways to find a partner

There is a facebook page for people whom are looking for Focusing partners. The International Focusing institute has a Focusing partnership program in a similar vein to our BFA one.