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  • Anglesey, Ynys Môn, UK

    Fiona Owen 

    When we focus, we learn how to listen deeply to what is going on within us. The body is akin to a ‘field of experience’ infused with implicit meaning and, in focusing, we learn how to connect with the innate intelligence within us, gradually building bridges to form relationships with what is there.

  • London

    Clare Myatt 

    I am a body-oriented psychotherapist and somatic coach, working at depth, weaving focusing in to my professional and personal life.

  • South Hams

    Heather (Hajah) Tetley 

    I have been a qualified Focusing Practitioner for 8 years & a practicing Companion for 20+. I am also a Transpersonal counsellor. I teach mediation & active mindfulness. Since 1965 I have been actively involved in spiritual traditions of all World religions, blessed with wonderful teachers.

  • Cockenzie

    Lucy Hyde 

    Focusing has been life-changing for me, and has deeply enriched the way I work with clients therapeutically - so I want to share it with others!

  • Livingston

    Helen Dillon 

    Conscious Career coach and life purpose guide, passionate about reconnecting women over 45 to the source of their wisdom and power. Live and work more true to your authentic self. Learn Focusing as a superpower for a fully lived life and meaningful work. Qualified and experienced coach (20 years).

  • Shrewsbury

    Vajrapriya Moss 

    I practice from Shrewsbury UK, having first encountered focusing in 2011. I find the practice of great benefit alongside my spiritual practice (of Buddhism), as well as in digesting the everyday rough-and-tumble of life to see what I feel.

  • South East

    Russ Kendall 

    I have a background in Psychology, which I remain passionate about, and I worked as a Psychology lecturer for many years. My particular interest in Humanistic Psychology led me to train as a Counsellor 10 years ago and I have been running a private practice for the past 6 years....

  • Coventry

    Sonia Gallucci 

    I am an integrative focusing-oriented therapist, with long term experience in working in multicultural environments providing academic teaching, pastoral care and therapeutic support to adults. I provide face-to-face as well as online counselling in Italian and in English.

  • Bristol

    Vicki Thomas 

    Finding Focusing 4 years ago has definitely changed my life – both inner and outer. Being deeply listened to and heard is such a healing experience in itself and Focusing has been a big part of my own inner journey and an intrinsic part of recovery from depression. I love sharing it with others.

  • Stroud

    Peter Gill 

    I came across Focusing on a retreat in 2003, and since then I have not looked back. It has made a huge difference to my life. For me it is much more than a therapeutic tool: it connects to a whole approach to living that brings wisdom and compassion to all that life bring us.

  • London

    Abdul Mateen Omary 

    I have got BA in Psychology, Certifying Focusing professional coordinator and TOT in Psychosocial and peace building. Focusing has changed my life, it taught me how to build effective relationships, it gradually changed my behaviour. Focusing helped me develop my listening skills and I learnt to put myself in a...

  • Brighton and Hove

    Sandy Gee 

    I've been a keen focuser for over 20 years and a focusing oriented psychotherapist for 10. In recent years I've undergone further advanced training and incorporated into my work Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) both approaches that integrate focusing in a more directly relational...

  • Reading

    Angela Hicks 

    I first started Focusing in 2002. I soon realised I'd found something special. Focusing was life changing for me and helped me to deal with many issues that had previously been blocking me. I trained as a Focusing practitioner and then a Focusing teacher as I want other to benefit as much as I have.

  • Leek ST13, UK

    Paula Charnley 

    My role as a Person Centred Counsellor, Holistic Therapist and Focusing Practitioner is so rewarding as I see people making the shifts to become unstuck. Empowering ourselves brings a sense of ease to life. From personal experience I know that Focusing can help with this shift

  • Bristol

    Gordon Adam 

    Focusing has been an integral and transformative part of my life for the last 17 years: I Focus several times each week; facilitate a monthly Focusing group; run regular 5-day Focusing Retreats in Dartmoor; offer 'Focusing with Poetry' workshops; and I have been editing the BFA newsletter since 2016

  • Amy McCormack 

    I am an integrative counsellor working in private practice and a focusing practitioner. Learning to focus and developing a regular practice has transformed my relationship with myself. Consequently it is now at the heart of my therapeutic work.

  • Norfolk

    Martin Langsdon 

    I work as a counsellor and supervisor and Focusing is a key part of my practice.

  • Holyhead

    Kathleen Kingsley-Hughes 

    Focusing offered me the keys to the rest of me! Finding my felt sense revitalised my learning, creativity & deepened by connection to self and others. I am a Certified Focusing Practitioner. I run a private Integrative Psychotherapy practice and retreat in North Wales.

  • Berlin

    Julian Crotti 

    I work to share this life affirming technology that uncovers the language of the soul. To feel, trust, honour, love, listen to and truly know ourselves. That realigns us with innate wisdom and reconnects us with ourselves and the world around us.

  • South West

    Barbara McGavin 

    My greatest joy is exploring the frontiers of the Focusing process – what it is and how it can be applied in daily life. Since 1991, Ann Weiser Cornell and I have been developing Inner Relationship Focusing to help people learn Focusing more easily. Since 1994, we have been exploring...