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  • Glasgow

    Srikanth Narayanan 

    Srikanth Narayanan

  • Bristol

    Nigel Gibbons 

    I've been a Focusing practitioner since 2012, and use it within my counselling and supervision practice, and in creative writing.

  • Brighton and Hove

    Alison Thorpe 

    I'm a self-employed focusing-oriented therapist and focusing practitioner living and working in Brighton. I've been a focuser for 11 years. You're very welcome to contact me to discuss your needs, whether that is counselling or focusing or focusing training.

  • Cilfynydd

    Greg Thomas 

    Learning and practicing Focusing has opened a doorway to authenticity and change. This natural process of sensing inwards, is often deepened and enhanced by the supportive presence of another. I value my work as a counsellor and Focusing Practitioner.

  • Rob Foxcroft 

    Meeting focusing was a homecoming: 'These are my people. I knew this all my life. Now I have friends in this inner world.' Focusing and listening have carried my life forward for many years. It has been a joy and a privilege to share focusing with others, and to listen to their inward explorations.

  • Brighton BN1, UK

    Greg Madison 

    I am an existential and focusing-oriented chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist, practicing and supervising in the UK and lecturing worldwide on therapy, focusing, and related topics.

  • Stroud

    Claire Owen 

    Celebrating and sharing Focusing, a profound process which has been life changing for me. I love how it gently takes me out of my ruminating into a world of symbol and kindness, where all is allowed to be and where realisation, understanding, relief and next steps can unfold.

  • Unnamed Road, Drummin, Co. Galway, Ireland

    Marta Fabregat 

    Focusing for me is like a tree with branches pointing at the universe. A way of coming home, a door opening up to the possibility of Love emerging towards us when we most needed. I offer Focusing alone or as a companion in the process of inquiry as an NVC Trainer and Plant Healing Practitioner.

  • Cornwall, UK

    Hilary Thorn 

    Focusing takes you on a journey out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body, connecting you to your inner wisdom with curiosity and compassion. I love to combine it with creativity, exploring how giving the body another language to express itself can be both liberating and surprising!

  • Cambridge

    Simon McKibbin 

    I met Gene Gendlin, the founder of Focusing in 2008 and I was so moved by this meeting, it endeared me to want to embrace this precious approach. I am inspired to share the magic of Focusing so the fresh edge of all that knows it's rightness in you can show itself in its fulness and more.

  • London

    Peter Afford 

    Focusing changed my life! After years of meditation and personal growth workshops, Focusing showed me how to have a fruitful relationship with my feelings and bodily intuition. I discovered that I too had feelings, that the unwanted ones shifted when I paid attention to them, and that all my feelings...

  • Kingston upon Thames

    Sonya Steller 

    Hello. I fell in love at first encounter with focusing some 12 years ago in Scotland and have been practicing one way and another ever since. My ongoing focusing partnerships are some of the most valuable relationships I have.

  • Bedfordshire, UK

    Kay Hoffmann 

    I love sharing focusing and find it hugely enriching to do so. What a privilege it is to meet people on such an authentic level and to introduce them to this soothing, enlivening, creative way of being with their own inner world!

  • London

    Andy Philpott 

    I am a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner and an IFI Certified Focusing Trainer. I support people exploring their personal relationships and Financial Freedom. I practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which I integrate with Focusing to work with groups for social change and in conflict mediation.

  • Wyre Forest

    Jerry Conway 


  • London

    Alex Brew 

    I am a BFA-recognised Focusing Practitioner. In Focusing sessions you can expect to develop trust in your felt sense of your life situations and move beyond talking about issues into somatic release.

  • Exmouth

    Claire Schenk 

    Focusing for me is an alchemical threshold, the exquisite process of a felt sense receiving the safety and unconditional acceptance of true Presence so that what is ripe unfolds/live forwards into wholeness. It changed my life over 30 years ago and has guided me ever since. I'm so grateful <3

  • Brighton

    Suzi Mackenzie 

    I rediscovered Focusing in 2008 when I was training as a counsellor: Something in me knew that I needed it! I found that while I knew I needed to empathise with and accept myself, I didn’t always manage it and Focusing showed me how to do this. Focusing has been...

  • Saxmundham

    Camilla Sim 


  • North West

    Patricia Foster 

    I have been living and working (Financial – Shipping Sector) in Greece since 1981 and came across Focusing in 2002. From the out-start I was captivated (and I mean out-start!). I then trained and qualified as a Focuser and Focusing Oriented Therapist with the Focusing institute, HFC and UEA. During...