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  • West Midlands

    Jenny Brickett 

    After more than a decade of hosting and attending courses and workshops on a wide number of therapies, healing and meditation techniques, I have found in Focusing the shared factor within those to which I felt most drawn. I have found in Focusing a process of change that brings me...

  • Peebles

    Cecelia Clegg 

    For me, Wholebody focusing is a very gentle and powerful way of living into deeper awareness of ourselves in the present moment. Learning to allow our bodies to lead us opens pathways to inner healing, is transformative and life-giving in daily living.

  • Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Italy

    Sonia Gallucci 

    I have long term experience in working in multicultural and multilingual environments providing academic teaching, pastoral care and therapeutic support to adults.

  • Scotland

    Carol Ervine 

    Individual focusing sessions

  • Rye

    Sky Hawk 

    Hello, I’m Sky. I’m a gentle spirit on a powerful journey. A great lover of Mother Earth I am passionate about focusing, healing, helping, and inspiring people to step into their lives and realise it is themselves they have been looking for.

  • Ardpatrick

    Elaine Goggin 

    I believe that everyone needs a safe space to say whatever needs to be heard no matter what it is, so that, that part of you can work through finding its own way to be. Focusing provides the space for you to discover who you truly are, and experience life in all its glory.

  • Brussel

    Ruth Friedman