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  • Calstock

    John Threadgold 

    Hi. I am John Threadgold. I am a focusing teacher, therapist and supervisor and specialist in Trauma. I am also accredited for counselling and psychotherapy by the BACP.

  • London

    Karen Liebenguth 

    I have been a Focusing practitioner since 2011. Focusing has greatly enhanced and enriched my own experience of life as well as my coaching and mindfulness work with clients.

  • Dublin

    Robert Copperwhite 

    Focusing has given me a way to engage with all layers of my experience (thoughts, emotions, feelings, and other hard to define states) in a way that allows them to unfold without agenda. I love it for the richness it has brought and the difficulties is has helped me to untangle.

  • Stroud

    Helen Bower 

    As a trainer I mainly teach care and supporting worker’s own development in areas such as resilience, self-awareness, managing stress, self-regulation and capacity for personal change. Focusing is the main tacit unpinning for this. I Focus regularly and it is my main personal practice.

  • Yorkshire, UK

    Saskia McCafferty 

    I am a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner and a Certified Focusing Professional with The International Focusing Institute. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner.

  • Ashburton

    Susan Jordan 

    After years of meditation and psychotherapy, it was Focusing that finally taught me how to go about making a friendly relationship with everything in me. There's always something special about sensing deeply into that open, accepting Focusing place, and I love helping others to discover it.

  • Eastern

    Rob Gibbs 

    Hello, I’m Rob. I’m a BFA-recognized focusing practitioner with over ten years experience. I introduce focusing to those who are new to the practice. I also work with people who are familiar with focusing and who want to maintain their practice, or work on something specific. As well as being...

  • Chesham

    Julia Brammer 

    Discovering focusing was a revelation and has profoundly changed my life! It has enabled a deep and compassionate connection with my inner world and a peace that comes from feeling fully heard. It is my joy and privilege to now teach and share focusing as a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner.

  • Central Belt, Scotland, UK

    Lindsay Gibson 

    Making art rejuvenates me and Focusing replenishes me. The language of Focusing allows for all of us to make a solid connection with the creative wellspring of our aliveness. The flavour of my Focusing is infused with a reality affirming earthiness and a gentle touch of artistic licence.

  • Tywyn

    Bernie Heaney 

    Having practised meditation for years and being a mindfulness teacher, I luckily found focusing. To me focusing is a gateway to self-acceptance and self-compassion. It is in the spirit of 'everything is welcome' that I now share focusing and mindfulness with others.

  • Trondheim

    Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo 

    Hello! :) One of the greatest things about Focusing is that it allows me to keep practicing standing in 'Not Knowing'; I don't have to choose between what seems contradictory from the everyday perspective. Plus I get to be with others as they discover genuine fresh insights from inside. Yay!

  • Northampton NN3, UK

    Rob Burgess 

    I have been sharing Focusing with people for 5 yrs in 1:1 sessions. I also integrate Focusing into my bodywork practice as both Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapist, which includes mentoring of other therapists as well as trainee Focusing practitioners.

  • Sheffield

    Colette Cameron 

    Creative practice and Focusing are perfect companions. Images can be made in a Focusing way, and Focusing can be enriched by creative responses. It is this fertile ground of cross pollination, where the two practices enrich each other, that I am especially interested in sharing

  • Kennet

    Addie Van Der Kooy 

    I have been fortunate to work closely for many years with Kevin McEvenue, the founder of Wholebody Focusing (WBF). First as his client and later as co-presenter of many WBF workshops and retreats in the UK. We also produced the WBF workbook “Focusing With Your Whole Body”. I am registered...

  • Norfolk, UK

    Sara Bradly 

    I am a BACP-registered Child and Adult Counsellor offering Focusing-Oriented Therapy. I also provide workshops and training in Focusing which carries certification from either the International Focusing Institute (TIFI) or from the British Focusing Association (BFA).

  • Tübingen

    Freda Blob 

    It took more than 25 years of Focusing to find my true calling, that is to teach Focusing with the arts. Making space for arts in Focusing is my joy and mission. I am founder/director of FOCUSZART The Focusing Studio offering action oriented tools for Experiential Arts and Focusing empowerment

  • Bristol

    Catherine Flynn 

    I am a BACP registered counsellor who integrates the principles of Focusing into my counselling practice. I am passionate about supporting clients in 'turning inwards' towards their experiencing and also to listening to the parts of themselves.

  • Bristol BS1, UK

    Harriet Brown 

    I love sharing focusing and helping you make sense of the strands of your life and finding a way forward that feels right at a deeper level. I value the peace that can come from living life in the inner-directed way.

  • Budapest

    Edit Selmeczi 

    Focusing is an has always been an enriching experience for me. Here I am now to share this experience with others. I am especially interested in exploring the relational field and how the body expresses itself in pictures or movements.