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  • Breda

    René Veugelers 

    heis an international Children Focusing coordinator, FOT, Art therapist, Psychiatric nurse trained in Emerging Body Language (EBL). He lives in the Netherlands, where he works with parents, toddlers, children and adolescents, emphasizing the non-verbal world and (early) inner child experiences

  • Scotland

    Carol Ervine 

    Individual focusing sessions

  • Bradford

    Celia Dawson 

    I am a Certifying Co-ordinator with the International Focusing Institute. I train therapists in working with complex trauma and we incorporate Focusing in our work together with many other modalities. I am a Director of the Complex Trauma Institute.

  • South East


    After many years of Buddhist meditation practice, I have found Focusing a delightful addition to my life. Both for turning towards my experience and to develop more Presence which I see as loving kindness A space to be just as I am is so precious and it feels wonderful to...

  • Rye

    Sky Hawk 

    Hello, I’m Sky. I’m a gentle spirit on a powerful journey. A great lover of Mother Earth I am passionate about focusing, healing, helping, and inspiring people to step into their lives and realise it is themselves they have been looking for.

  • Brighton

    Suzi Mackenzie 

    I rediscovered Focusing in 2008 when I was training as a counsellor: Something in me knew that I needed it! I found that while I knew I needed to empathise with and accept myself, I didn’t always manage it and Focusing showed me how to do this. Focusing has been...

  • Liverton

    Fiona Parr 

    Focusing has given me so much and I enjoy sharing its riches and gifts with others. I teach Focusing from my home on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, and online. I enjoy working with people in individual sessions and teaching small groups.

  • Bedfordshire, UK

    Kay Hoffmann 

    I love sharing focusing and find it hugely enriching to do so. What a privilege it is to meet people on such an authentic level and to introduce them to this soothing, enlivening, moving, creative way of being with their own inner world!

  • Glasgow

    Srik Narayanan 

    When I discovered Focusing it felt like coming home. I recognized it as something I had already been doing but my Focusing training gave me a way to know better what this was, to develop my skills in listening in this way to myself and others, and to make Focusing...

  • United Kingdom

    Luke Farren 

    Hi I'm Luke, I see Focusing as crucial in showing us how to relate with all experience and key in the individuation process of becoming oneself. I love the contact in Focusing and how real it is, it's a pleasure and a privilege to share Focusing with others which I do online and in retreat settings.

  • Tywyn

    Bernie Heaney 

    Having practised meditation for years and being a mindfulness teacher, I luckily found focusing. To me focusing is a gateway to self-acceptance and self-compassion. It is in the spirit of 'everything is welcome' that I now share focusing and mindfulness with others.

  • Brighton

    Sarah Hopkins 

    Focusing supports me to feel confident in my own unique experiencing and navigation of life, without defaulting to authority, convention or expectation. After years feeling constricted under the weight of others' ideas of who or what I should be, Focusing frees me up to be fully myself, right now.

  • Frome

    Vajrasara Annie Rankin 

    For 17 years Focusing has enhanced my own journey, as well as my therapy work + spiritual teaching. It's a doorway to buried parts: accessing creativity, honouring intuition, integrating fresh life. It's deepened my respect for body wisdom + my understanding of communication – inner + outer.

  • Stroud

    Peter Gill 

    I came across Focusing on a retreat in 2003, and since then I have not looked back. It has made a huge difference to my life. For me it is much more than a therapeutic tool: it connects to a whole approach to living that brings wisdom and compassion to all that life bring us.

  • Shrewsbury

    Vajrapriya Moss 

    I practice from Shrewsbury UK, having first encountered focusing in 2011. I find the practice of great benefit alongside my spiritual practice (of Buddhism), as well as in digesting the everyday rough-and-tumble of life to see what I feel.

  • South Hams

    Heather (Hajah) Tetley 

    I have been a qualified Focusing Practitioner for 5 years & a practicing Companion for 20+. I am also a Transpersonsl counsellor & teach mediation & active mindfulness.

  • Torridge

    Sarah Hadfield 

    I qualified as a medical doctor in 2001 and specialised in General Practice in 2006. I am passionate about working with physical, emotional and mental health together, as a whole person approach. I discovered Focusing as I explored various psychotherapeutic techniques that could be used in the GP consultation. I...

  • Leek ST13, UK

    Paula Charnley 

    I'm a Person Centred Counsellor & Focusing Practitioner. I support people in getting in touch with their full potential

  • Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Italy

    Sonia Gallucci 

    I have long term experience in working in multicultural and multilingual environments providing academic teaching, pastoral care and therapeutic support to adults.

  • Chalfont Saint Peter

    Sabine Lees 

    I am a BACP registered Counsellor and work for the past 9 years in private practice in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.