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  • London NW5, UK

    Sarah Paul 

    Focusing has become one of my most treasured resources for finding clarity, inspiration, and meaning - both through the practice itself and through exploring the philosophy it's founded on. I love seeing others discover their own capacities for Focusing, and its value for them.

  • Leipzig

    Amona Buechler 

    Amona has been offering courses, workshops, and sessions online and offline since 1998. She is a Certified Focusing Trainer and a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner/Assistant Trainer. Of German origin, she lived in Chicago 1998-2015, has been traveling the world until 2021, and now lives in Germany.

  • Kenilworth

    Liz Orrell 

    I describe Focusing as the “final piece of the jigsaw”. I have found it to be the most powerful yet gentle approach to personal growth and emotional healing I have encountered in 30 years working in the Therapy, Training, Management and Personal Development field.

  • Liverton

    Fiona Parr 

    Focusing has given me so much and I enjoy sharing its riches and gifts with others. I teach Focusing from my home on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, and online. I enjoy working with people in individual sessions and teaching small groups.

  • South East


    After many years of Buddhist meditation practice, I have found Focusing a delightful addition to my life. Both for turning towards my experience and to develop more Presence which I see as loving kindness A space to be just as I am is so precious and it feels wonderful to...

  • Doncaster

    Marie Connors 

    Marie is a caring, Intuitive and experienced Therapist and Teacher. Her work is deep, yet gentle and nurturing.

  • Edinburgh

    Marion Stumpe 

    Focusing has beautifully enriched my life. I see every moment as an opportunity to engage and connect with life in its fullest and have a heartfelt wish to bring this wonderful gift to others. I am here for you for when you are ready to connect to your body’s innate knowing, aliveness and wholeness.

  • West Midlands, UK

    Katherine Long 

    I love introducing people to Focusing practice, and am constantly in awe of the many ways it can enrich our lives, as well as to heal past trauma, or stuckness. As well as 121 and group programmes, I combine Focusing with coaching and organisation development.

  • London

    Frank Bock 

    My background is in the arts, retraining in Existential Psychotherapy in 2001. I work now as an Existential Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist, with individuals and groups, as well as in therapy supervision and training. I became interested in focusing 14 years ago and became excited by the combination of philospohy and...

  • Hythe

    Carolann Samuels 

    I've practised Yoga all my adult life, and have taught for 25 years. Finding Focusing was a shift change in my life and complements Yoga practice perfectly. Focusing has integrated itself into my life in a gentle, nurturing way, and I only wish that everyone knew how to Focus for themselves.

  • Stanmore HA7, UK

    Paula Newman 

    I find Focusing enriching and healing. It supports empathic and accepting listening, which is in tune with my person-centred therapy approach. I value Focusing as a way of coping with physical ailments, and include this as a topic in my Focusing Skills Training.

  • Stroud

    Caroline Redmond 

    Focusing is life-changing. As a counsellor, I rarely include focusing by teaching, or even mentioning its name. I know its power however, and hold it close as a possibility for each session. People know focusing - it is a natural way - it only needs space and safety and it unfolds as it will

  • East Sussex, UK

    Amanda Raine 

    I struggled for over twenty years with depression, CPTST, eating disorders and addictions, and it was Focusing that brought the deep empathic listening and longed for change.  Sharing this life changing process continues to inspire and touch me as I witness people's unique journeys unfolding.

  • Chalfont Saint Peter

    Sabine Lees 

    I am a BACP registered Counsellor and work for the past 9 years in private practice in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

  • English Speakers Abroad

    Astrid Schillings 

    Focusing came into my life in 1981, when a student of Person Centred psychology. It resonated deeply with my wondering what it is to be human, why we are here. In that spirit I became a Psychotherapist/Psychologist. I have been been exploring and teaching extensively on the interface of Sensitive...

  • South West

    Carla Walsmley-Esteves 

    I discovered Focusing by chance when looking at a website that was naming the similarities between Focusing and Authentic Movement. For years I have been a practitioner in Somatic Movement, including Authentic Movement and had train in different embodiment approaches but I had never come across Focusing before. I was...

  • Malvern Hills

    Cathy Rowan 

    Focusing has enabled me to transform my life from an existence of micromanaging chronic pain to one of finding myself again. The Focusing process gently created showed me how to feel safe living in my body rather than being stuck in dissociation and freeze which had underpinned much of the pain.

  • West Midlands

    Jenny Brickett 

    After more than a decade of hosting and attending courses and workshops on a wide number of therapies, healing and meditation techniques, I have found in Focusing the shared factor within those to which I felt most drawn. I have found in Focusing a process of change that brings me...

  • Rye

    Sky Hawk 

    Hello, I’m Sky. I’m a gentle spirit on a powerful journey. A great lover of Mother Earth I am passionate about focusing, healing, helping, and inspiring people to step into their lives and realise it is themselves they have been looking for.

  • London

    Renee La Roi 

    I am a long time Focuser - raised in Canada and the U.S. - living in London Uk. I did my Focusing certification guided by Dr. Greg Madison.