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  • South West

    Gordon Adam 

    I discovered Focusing in 2007 at an introductory workshop run by Chris Wilson in Bristol. I had already done quite a lot of meditation and 1-1 reflective practice (e.g. Interactive Inquiry) and took to Focusing immediately. Since then I have Focused regularly and frequently and have derived huge benefit from...

  • London

    Peter Afford 

    Focusing changed my life! After years of meditation and personal growth workshops, Focusing showed me how to have a fruitful relationship with my feelings and bodily intuition. I discovered that I too had feelings, that the unwanted ones shifted when I paid attention to them, and that all my feelings...

  • Frome

    Vajrasara Annie Rankin 

    For 15 years Focusing has enhanced my own journey, as well as my therapy work + spiritual teaching. It's a doorway to buried parts: accessing creativity, honouring intuition, integrating fresh life. It's deepened my respect for body wisdom + my understanding of communication – inner + outer.

  • London

    Frank Bock 

    My background is in the arts, retraining in Existential Psychotherapy in 2001. I work now as an Existential Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist, with individuals and groups, as well as in therapy supervision and training. I became interested in focusing 14 years ago and became excited by the combination of philospohy and...

  • London

    Alex Brew 

    I am a BFA-recognised Focusing Practitioner. In Focusing sessions you can expect to develop trust in yourself and your body and its sense of situations. Uncovering layers of yourself will feel like a relief. You’ll learn to listen kindly while parts of yourself claim your attention and want a fair...

  • West Midlands

    Jenny Brickett 

    After more than a decade of hosting and attending courses and workshops on a wide number of therapies, healing and meditation techniques, I have found in Focusing the shared factor within those to which I felt most drawn. I have found in Focusing a process of change that brings me...

  • South West

    Helen Bryant 

    Focusing is an innate gift that we all can access. For me it has been a way to opening to a sense of joyful, open-hearted and infinitely compassionate Well-Being that can hold all the aspects of me that need attention and care. Best of all, for me, is the knowing...

  • Northampton NN3, UK

    Rob Burgess 

    I have been sharing Focusing with people for 5 yrs in 1:1 sessions. I also integrate Focusing into my bodywork practice as both Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapist, which includes mentoring of other therapists as well as trainee Focusing practitioners.

  • Peebles

    Cecelia Clegg 

    For me, Wholebody focusing is a very gentle and powerful way of living into deeper awareness of ourselves in the present moment. Learning to allow our bodies to lead us opens pathways to inner healing, is transformative and life-giving in daily living.

  • West Midlands

    Jerry Conway 

  • Jászberény

    Ildiko Davis 

    As an online Counsellor and Focusing Practitioner, I have retained strong personal and professional connections in the UK even after I have moved back to Hungary. Focusing allowed me to create a life that suits me well and I like to support others in finding their uniquely fitting path in life too.

  • Scotland

    Helen Dillon 

    Focusing-oriented business/career coach, helping stuck, overwhelmed, professional women come home to themselves and feel resourced and resilient so they can step confidently into their next big adventure. Focusing for me is the missing link between the cognitive, outward-reaching activity of coaching, and the sensing/intuitive “moreness” that lies beneath, catches our...

  • Uttlesford

    Elizabeth English 

    Hello, I'm delighted to offer Focusing sessions, and combine it with my work as a Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer in Nonviolent Communication.

  • Scotland

    Carol Ervine 

    Individual focusing sessions

  • Marta Fabregat 

    Focusing for me is like a tree with branches pointing at the universe. A way of coming home so delicately and gently, a door opening up to the possibility of Love emerging through us. I offer Focusing alone or as a companion in the process of inquiry as an NVC Trainer & Plant Healing Practitioner.

  • North West

    Patricia Foster 

    I have been living and working (Financial – Shipping Sector) in Greece since 1981 and came across Focusing in 2002. From the out-start I was captivated (and I mean out-start!). I then trained and qualified as a Focuser and Focusing Oriented Therapist with the Focusing institute, HFC and UEA. During...

  • Scotland

    Rob Foxcroft 

    Focusing is a safe, gentle process, which often leads to valuable changes in the way we live our lives, and in our feelings about life. The forward steps which come when we are Focusing are beautiful, clear and poignant. I divide my time between teaching piano-playing, teaching Focusing, offering Focusing...

  • Brussel

    Ruth Friedman 

    Focusing has helped me to reach parts of my psyche that nothing else had been able to get anywhere close. It helped me find much needed distance in challenging relationships, and has given me a stronger sense of my Self as a person. Every day, it helps me to stay...

  • Yorkshire And Humberside

    David Garlovsky 

    CEO Solar-Active/Schools & Homes Energy Education Project- Company/Charity/Social Enterprise. Combining education, invention and manufacture to facilitate informed decisions about energy use at home and workplace. Successfully pioneered an education method, renewable & energy efficiency resources to make learning and teaching enjoyable to develop young peoples enthusiasm for Science, Technology and...

  • Brighton and Hove

    Sandy Gee 

    I've been a keen focuser for over 20 years and a focusing oriented psychotherapist for 10. In recent years I've undergone further advanced training and incorporated into my work Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) both approaches that integrate focusing in a more directly relational...